2 Hours A Week


A Little Weekend Action for Standing Rock

Dear wonderful pals: We don't normally send on weekends, but in this case: got some extra supplies? Bring them to the places listed below so we can send them to Standing Rock. Thank you, as always, for your help!

What you can do

We've already donated and sent Amazon supplies, but maybe like us, you also have older sleeping bags, parkas, wool blankets, insulated boots, storage bins, etc., that are too costly to mail but you'd love to give to the cause? We have coordinated with friends to help fill a trailer that heads up Dec. 1st. See supply list below.

NOW-SUNDAY 8PM - Williamsburg, Brooklyn
email us for contact info

Firewood (oak, maple, ash) / Tipis/tipi poles/tipi liners for winter /Tire chains / Sleeping bags for subzero temperatures (inc. Military style) / Battery packs for charging phones /Heavy duty canvas / Propane / Fur blankets / Tesoro gas cards / Gas generators / Insulated carhartt type coveralls / Paint (inc. Spray paint) / Power inverter / Propane heaters (small) / Ropes, tie downs / Solar chargers for electronic devices / Solar panels, inverter / Storage bins - heavy duty - all sizes / Tarps - heavy duty only / Tents (for subzero temps) / Thermal bed rolls / Walkie talkies with long range, cb radios