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Action 155: The Senate & Healthcare: Sabotage, Speed, Secrecy

While the world is watching to see whether Jeff Sessions' testimony will be closed door this week, the Senate is, yet again, desperately trying for a policy win. Do not underestimate their determination to throw our interests under the bus in the name of a party win--just look at the decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord.

Use the toolkit below to tweet, Facebook, and call the "moderate" Republican Senators under pressure to sway in favor of the American Healthcare Act (Trump Zombiecare).

We've heard from those of you who follow our twitter instructions on the importance of altering scripts; make a few changes to the pre-loaded tweets so that your missives don't get blocked.

Special thanks to the Washington Post for inspiration for our email title today.

What you can do
  1. CALL, TWEET, AND FACEBOOK these targeted Senators to make sure they protect our care.