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ACTION 161: Local Tuesdays : DEADLINES TODAY IN GA & NY! Plus CA, FL & SC actions

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What you can do


In GA 6th? Today's the day! VOTE!

Not in GA? Take ONE HOUR today to make phone calls to help Jon Ossoff!

!!! TODAY !!!

1. Tomorrow is the last day of the 2017 session, so MAKE ONE CALL TODAY to your state senator (518) 455-2800 to support four important bills:

• YES on S2950 Early Voting & S2788 ePoll Books for Easy Elections NY, to expand access to the vote for all New Yorkers. Bonus call Flanagan 518-455-2071 & Cuomo 518-474-8390, or take digital action at our automatic action page.

• YES on S4840 the New York Health Act and universal health care for all New Yorkers! Only one more co-sponsor needed!

• YES on The Reproductive Health Act to ensure abortion rights in NY if and when the GOP repeals them nationally. Bonus action at the NYCLU action page.


EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt will be speaking June 21 at the Harvard Club on the subject of "The EPA After Paris". Join Rise and Resist to tell Pruitt that the planet is in a state of emergency, that climate change is real, and that access to clean air and clean drinking water are human rights.

Wednesday, June 21, 11am
35 West 44th St.
Moving picket line in front of the Harvard Club
Bring signs, noisemakers, and your friends.
More details on Facebook.


1. Let's tell Marco Rubio how he is doing
Marco Rubio wants to know how he and the Republicans are doing. Please note that the questions are slanted toward a desired outcome. We will most likely have to write in the issues that are important to us (i.e. environment, education, healthcare). Let's take his survey!

2. Oppose direct-to-voicemail Robocalls
Florida state attorney general Pam Bondi has yet to comment on the Republican-endorsed proposal to allow robocalls that go straight to voicemail. Ask Bondi to comment publicly in opposition invasive voicemails.

Call Pam Bondi 1-866-966-7226 or write:
Office of the Attorney General
The Capitol PL-01
Tallahassee FL 32399-1050.


1. Oppose the Tesoro Refinery's Dangerous Expansion
On May 12 the South Coast Air Quality Management District's board hastily approved a merger between LA based oil refinery Tesoro and oil giant BP. This approval undermines LA Mayor Garcetti's goals with respect to the Paris Climate Agreement and represents a stark departure from CA's world-renowned leadership on clean energy and climate change. It also comes despite known harms the project will cause not just in LA but along the entire West Coast.

Call Wayne Nastri, the Executive Director of the South Coast Air Quality Management District, at 909-396-3131 (or email):

"Hi, I'm calling about the Tesoro refinery's expansion, to which I am opposed. California is supposed to be leading the charge against climate change, and this isn't the way to get there!"

2. CA Action Make Calls to pass Solar Legislation
Contact your CA State Assembly Member and ask them to vote YES on SB 71 & 700, two solar bills that just passed the State Senate! SB 71 authorizes the implementation of a solar roof mandate, which will require solar panels to be installed on most new buildings in CA. SB 700 provides rebates to customers for installing energy storage systems, which allow solar power to be used at all hours of the day by addressing the so-called "duck curve" - the challenge of over-production of solar energy during the day and under-production at night.


June 20 will be the special election in another surprisingly competitive race in Frank Underwood's District, a red district that can help flip the balance of power.

Pitch in to help Archie Parnell by phone banking, donating, volunteering and spreading the word.