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ACTION 162: Healthcare for America

After yesterday's Georgia house race, you may be feeling at a loss about the momentum of the movement and what's needed next. That is totally understandable.

This grassroots movement we all surged into after the election is working, bit by bit, and we can see it in action in the fight for healthcare.

Healthcare reform has been a continual struggle in our country, historically led by a few groups, working without public input, and often without soliciting grass-roots participation. And it is happening again this way, with Senate writing a bill in secret.

But before now there had been no sizable movement of ordinary people demanding and advocating for healthcare, on their own behalf. It is an arena, where public outcry and voices of the American public can outweigh big corporate interests.

While the exact changes the Senate plans to make to the House’s American Health Care Act (AHCA) are not certain, we do know that the changes being talked about are minor and the two plans will share far more in common than not. The Senate is still on track to make people pay more, have access to less coverage, and cut over $800 billion from Medicaid.

The list of priority Senators is below. If you are in one of those key states, please, set up a meeting with your Senator’s staff. If you can’t meet with them (or even if you can), call them, and follow up with an email. And then, do it all again tomorrow. They need to hear from us regularly!

Even if you aren't in one of the states below, we need everyone from all states to let the Senate know that we see what they're doing and demand that they hold hearings on the bill! Go to #2 below.

What you can do


Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and asking the operator to connect you.

if you are in one of the states below:

Alaska: Murkowski and Sullivan
Arkansas: Cotton
Arizona: Flake
Colorado: Gardner
Georgia: Isakson
Indiana: Young
Louisiana: Cassidy
Maine: Collins
Missouri: Blunt
Montana: Daines
Nebraska: Fischer and Sasse
Nevada: Heller
Ohio: Portman
Pennsylvania: Toomey
South Carolina: Graham
Tennessee: Alexander and Corker
West Virginia: Capito
Wisconsin: Johnson

Senate HELP Committee at 202-224-5375 and the Senate Finance Committee at 202-224-4515 and demand that they hold hearings before bringing the bill to a floor vote