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ACTION 163: Trumpcare Tracker for today and tomorrow

The Senate just released the newest version of Trumpcare.

Trying to get pregnant? You're out of luck with maternity care coverage. Does someone in your family have a mental health issue? Insurers won't be responsible for that. Medicaid covers nearly 1 in 5 Americans, and this version of Trumpcare includes deep cuts to that program--simple economics dictates that this would be a huge blow to the backbone of the American economy.

The American Hospital Association and the Association of American Medical Colleges have condemned the bill.

Our excellent friends at 5Calls have compiled a TrumpCare Tracker detailing where every Senator stands on this bill. Use it to ask yours to release a statement on their position.

Also, you guys are amazing. We are continuously buoyed by your hard work, encouraged by your clicks, calls, and emails of support. We're proud and honored to be part of a movement that IS you.

What you can do

1. YUP, CALL Today and tomorrow. See where your Senator stands here; the site also has a geolocation tool to find out their contact information.