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ACTION 164: We're Know You're Tired, But Zombie Trumpcare Isn't Going Away Until We Make It Go Away

Thanks for sticking with us.

At the end of the summer, this vampire is either going to be the newly released version of Trumpcare, or the American people and our economy. Make no mistake, this is a war of attrition on the middle class, packaged as a party win. Don't let them wear us down on this hugely important legislation.

We'll give you more details on the bill on Monday. Because August recess is fast approaching, we need the same push all you enacted for the first version. Please, take a few minutes today to call your Senators. If you already have, try to think of one person in another state who would be receptive to this message and forward it to them with a personal note.

What you can do

1. CALL YOUR SENATORS after looking up where they stand on the legislation on the 5calls website. You can thank them if they've already released a statement against the bill, or ask them to step up against it if they haven't yet. Even better, think of one person who might make a phone call and forward this message to them.