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Action 169: Protect Our Right To Vote

In case you missed it in the ****storm of news flying at us, the 45 administration and Kris Kobach have undertaken the most dangerous step toward massive voter suppression we’ve seen yet.
Kobach is famous for his voter suppression effortswhich helped purge 200,000 voters from the rolls in Wisconsin alone, ensuring Trump’s win.

On Wednesday, 45’s "Election Integrity” commission sent a disturbing request for each state in the nation to hand over vast amounts of sensitive voter data, using an insecure server no less. Read the request here.

Read this statement in response to understand why some states have begun refusing the request.Keep track of all state responses, and take action to ensure yours joins them in protecting your private information as a voter.

What you can do

Make no bones about it; this is the federal government hatching a 50 state voter suppression scheme. Take action now, or regret it forever.

  1. CALL the organization in charge of elections in your state TODAY


  3. SPREAD THE WORD on twitter, Facebook, and to friends. This is not getting nearly enough traction in the news.

Keep calling until your state has issued a statement refusing to comply.

As we prepare for the 241st Independence Day, I am calling as a Voter to insist that you safeguard my personal information and do not turn over voter information to the federal Kobach-Pense Commission. That Commission, premised on the lie of rampant illegal voting, is nothing more than a partisan attempt to manipulate our voting processes to make it harder for eligible Americans to vote. Please issue a statement refusing to comply.

This is a moment that will change history. A moment that we must not let slide quietly by, or we will look back in 20 years and realize where we failed to protect our democracy. Please take this week to reflect - and take action - on the meaning of July 4th, and protect our independence and most valuable right - our right to vote.