2 Hours A Week


Action 170: Independence Day, and What That Means To Us

The grassroots movement is redefining politics, and we are immensely proud to count you amongst our supporters. There are eight thousand other people on this list with you, engaged in the new normal of regular civic actions, none too small to have impact.

Please take today and tomorrow to reflect on the incredible amount of work you have collectively performed in service of our country in the last six months since the inauguration.

If you're looking for some reading for this week, check out Indivisible's Guide to July Recess.

We'll see you again on Wednesday. Happy Independence Day.

What you can do
  1. EAT something delicious. We hope you're able to take July 4 off; if you're not, we're with you, because one of our co-founders has to work that day too.