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Action 234: Upset About Taxes?

Here's What We Need You To Do

The Tax Bill is not a law yet.

Here is the deal on taxes. You should still be calling your reps, because the reconciliation process needs to happen before the bill becomes law. Today, focus on your senator. Find out how they voted by checking here (FYI every Republican voted yes except for Bob Corker).

Call as soon as you get this email.
We have scripts below according to whether your Senator voted for or against.


We will follow up with more information and instructions.

What you can do

USE THIS SCRIPT (feel free to ad-lib, of course)

If they voted against the bill:
Please pass on my sincere thanks to my Senator for voting against this disastrous tax bill. I want to wish them luck in doing everything they can to delay the subsequent votes in the reconciliation process.

If they voted for the bill:
Please tell the Senator that I am upset that they voted in favor of this tax bill. I am watching the reconciliation process very closely and expect them to delay this until they have spent the time necessary to give the American people what they deserve, which is support for the middle class, not a giveaway to wealthy donors.