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ACTION 236: The Republicans We Can Sway

Call these Republicans who can be swayed.

If 11 GOP House reps change their votes, the horrific tax bill can be defeated. Here is the list of reps who voted yes on the last vote on the HR1 tax bill but are most susceptible to pressure, because they're in Dem-leaning districts.

In these districts? Call, write, ring their doorbells, give them no rest.
Know anyone in these districts? Urge them to do the same.

Find your rep. Find how they voted. Find swing districts.

What you can do

Voted YES last time. In a blue district, must vote no to stay in office.
CA-10: Denham (202) 225-4540
CA-25: Knight (202) 225-1956
CA-39: Royce (202) 225-4111
CA-21: Valadao (202) 225-4695
CA-45: Walters (202) 225-5611
CO-06: Coffman (202) 225-7882
FL-26: Curbelo (202) 225-2778
FL-27: Ros-Lehtinen (202) 225-3931
IA-01: Blum (202) 225-2911
NY-22: Tenney (202) 225-3665
NY-24: Katko (202) 225-3701
OH-10: Turner (202) 225-6465
OH-14: Joyce (202) 225-5731
PA-06: Costello (202) 225-4315
PA-08: Fitzpatrick (202) 225-4276
PA-15: Dent (202) 225-6411
TX-23: Hurd (202) 225-4511
VA-10: Comstock (202) 225-5136
WA-03: Herrera Beutler (202) 225-3536
WA-08: Reichert (202) 225-7761

"I want to ask my Representative to please reconsider their position on the tax bill. If they don't make some effort to create a better bill that does not gut the Affordable Care Act, hurt students and small business owners, and cut the corporate tax rate, they will not have my vote in the 2018 midterm elections."
Voted NO last time. Thank them & urge them and stay opposed.
CA-49: Issa (202) 225-3906
CA-04: McClintock (202) 225-2511
CA-48: Rohrabacher (202) 225-2415
NC-03: Jones (202) 225-3415
NJ-02: LoBiondo (202) 225-6572
NJ-04: Smith (202) 225-3765
NJ-07: Lance (202) 225-5361
NJ-11: Frelinghuysen (202) 225-5034
NY-01: Zeldin (202) 225-3826
NY-02: King (202) 225-7896
NY-11: Donovan (202) 225-3371
NY-19: Faso (202) 225-5614
NY-21: Stefanik (202) 225-4611

"I want to thank my Representative for voting no to Trump's disastrous tax scam and ask them to please do whatever is possible to slow the reconciliation process so that other representatives can have the time to read and actually realize how terrible this new tax code is for most Americans."