2 Hours A Week


ACTION 237: Taxes FINAL CALL THIS WEEK + Defeat Roy Moore

Two big things this week, a simple action for each

  1. Want to do something about taxes? You can, but you have to call today and tomorrow.
    The House votes for the second, and final, time, on Wednesday.
    Call your Representative. 877.795.7862. Twice: once as soon as you get this, a second time tomorrow. You don't need a fancy script, just tell the person who answers the phone you oppose the current tax bill (true no matter which way they voted). Want to say more? You can use the script at the bottom ofthis page. THIS IS THE LAST CHANCE ON TAXES!!!!!!!

  2. The special election in Alabama is Tuesday (you know, Roy Moore). Want to help Get Out The Vote (GOTV)? Click here to phone bank for Doug Jones.
What you can do

FORWARD THIS EMAIL TO A FRIEND FOR TRIPLE POINTS! Tell them to take 2 minutes to make a call on taxes. TODAY TODAY TODAY!