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Action 239: Healthcare sign up ends Dec 15!

You Have Until Tomorrow to Sign Up For Health Insurance for 2018

This a quick reminder to everyone that the open enrollment periodfor health insurance under the affordable care act for 2018 ends this Friday, December 15th!
It is essential to the improvement of policies and the ultimate lowering of costs that as many as possible sign up for plans as possible. Due to a shortened enrollment period and less advertising, Republicans are counting on a much smaller sign up for 2018, meaning insurers could pull out of the marketplace and premiums could skyrocket. Don't let that happen, both for yourself and your community!

What you can do
  1. SIGN UP, KEEP, RENEW, UPDATE your health insurance plan here.

  2. HELP GET THE WORD OUT IN YOUR COMMUNITY! If you already have healthcare, or have already signed up, you can help prevent premiums from going up by helping to get the word outin your own community and encouraging others to sign up.
    Forward this email
    Volunteer for an open enrollment street team
    Use your daily interactions in your own community to remind people about the open enrollment period and its shorter duration this year.