2 Hours A Week


Action 240: Why Does Calling Matter

Why does calling matter?

Here's what happens when you call a member of Congress: your representative realizes that you are not a passive voter. They don't know what your thoughts are unless you call and express them. We know that everyone is ready to tune out for a few days and focus on family, friends, or just some much needed personal time. Your calls are counted more than ever right now, given the proximity of the 2018 midterm elections. Your calls make such a difference, and they're a relatively low time commitment.

Please consider calling your representatives every day this week as a holiday gift to yourself. This number connects you to your Senators and Representatives by punching in your zip code. Consider saving it in your contacts.


Please forward this email to your social networks and asking those people to commit to the daily call.

Not coincidentally, Congress is moving on a lot of huge items this week, knowing that Americans are caught up in other things. We'll send emails to remind you, but just so you know here: Taxes, the investigation into Trump's ties to Russia, and DACA are all expected to be decided upon in some form this week. Start with taxes.

What you can do
  1. CALL about taxes. Congress now has a reconciled bill, and the finals votes are this week. 202-224-3121.
    Find out how your Senator voted here.
    Find out how your House of Rep member voted here.

Use this script if your member of Congress voted for the tax bill
I want to tell the Congressperson that I am opposed to the current version of the tax bill. I will take how they vote on the reconciled bill into consideration when I vote in the 2018 elections.

Use this script if they voted against the tax bill
I want to thank my Congressperson for voting against the tax bill, I so appreciate that they are actually thinking about the lives of middle class Americans in their policy approach.