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ACTION 92 Medicaid Expansion Ends by 2020: Reject the current Republican Healthcare plan!

The Republicans' current health plan will federally defund Medicaid expansion in 2020, to the point that many states would likely find continuing it unsustainable. Not coincidentally, this occurs after the mid-term elections.

As of now, Medicaid accounts for 14 million of the 24 million who would lose insurance.

Who benefits from the ACA Medicaid expansion?
Those in low-wage jobs that do not offer health insurance—like waiters and waitresses, sales clerks, cooks, and home health aides. Economically speaking, not to mention ethically, this is a nightmare for the working backbone of America.

Speak up today, Thursday, to decry this offensive legislation.

What you can do

1. CHECK if you live in a state that expanded Medicaid under the ACA.

2. SIGN UP for a one-hour shift at a rally at your member of Congress' office this Thursday and Friday through MoveOn.org. It's happening all over the country!

3. CALL your senators and representatives, using the first script if #1 above is true for your state, and the second if it isn't.

USE THIS SCRIPT (feel free to ad-lib, of course)

If calling from a state that has Medicaid expansion:

I am calling Sen/Rep _____ to oppose the ACA repeal bill. This repeal will cost thousands ( if not millions) of people in our state to lose their health coverage, many of whom gained it under the Medicaid Expansion program. This program helped many of those in low-wage jobs to finally get access to healthcare. This would be a devastating loss for all of us in the state.

If calling from a other states w/o Medicaid expansion:

I am calling Sen/Rep to oppose the ACA repeal bill. I am alarmed at what it will take away from average Americans like myself, in terms of healthcare, and what it will give to wealthy Americans in terms of tax cuts. The repeal will take away health coverage from millions and will be especially detrimental to the elderly, and the poorest of Americans. We will take into account how you vote on this bill, come re-election time.