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Are You A Blue Stater? Here's What To Do about Trumpcare

We get a lot of emails from those of you in "blue" states saying you feel helpless in the face of federal legislation when your representatives already reflect your interests.

Here's your opportunity to help.

The next few days we will run a series of actions for people who want to take action on the ACA on a nationwide level.

Other people’s senators won’t listen to us, but they might listen to their constituents. The Service Employee's International Union and other progressive groups have set up the ACA Defenders team to help us make sure those voices are being heard. They’re running virtual phone banks to call folks in key states and connect to them their senators. You can sign up and start calling.

What you can do

1. SIGN UP at this link to call Americans in districts represented by lawmakers who haven't yet committed to voting against a health care bill that takes away coverage, slashes Medicaid or increases premiums.