2 Hours A Week


Are You Ready to for Pay for the 1%?

Get Ready to Get Back on the Phone

The House Vote is Nov 13, Senate Vote is Nov 20--This is the Time To Call

We're asking you to stay strong and carve out 3 minutes each day this week to call to oppose the tax bill. Just three minutes a day. We provide the scripts below.

Where We Are Now and What Happens Next

Now that Republicans have released a rough draft of legislative text, their plan is to use the same secretive, partisan process they tried (and failed) to use for health care. That means they’ll use “reconciliation” to pass the Trump Tax Scam through the Senate with only 51 votes.

But we can still stop them. Here’s what we expect next:

Week of November 6: multi-day mark up in the House Ways & Means Committee
Week of November 13: House vote
Week of November 13: Mark up in the Senate Finance Committee
Week of November 20: Senate vote

While unfortunately even more confusing than healthcare, taxes are just as significant to the average American family and to our economy as health care, and this tax bill is a nightmare. These are just a few of the places the American public will lose in this multi trillion dollar handout to the rich that is projected to increase the deficit. If you want details of how heavily this is weighted towards businesses and the already-wealthy, you can look for details here.

What you can do
  1. CALL your Republican member of Congress with these scripts here.

  2. CALL your Democratic member of Congress using these scripts.