2 Hours A Week


Ask Facebook to Implement Election Day Reminders for All State and Local Elections

Facebook has been in the news a lot after the election for it's share in creating the polarized political echo chambers that make up our news stream on both the left and the right. Facebook has an incredible influence on elections, not just in the form of news, but in the platform's ability to register huge numbers of voters and remind them to vote on election day.

WE HAVE CREATED A PETITION to Facebook, asking them to implement these voting reminders not just for the presidential election, but for all state and local elections from here on out, including the upcoming Louisiana Senate run-off.

What you can do


2. SHARE IT WIDELY on Facebook! The more shares, likes and comments that happen on facebook, the more noise it generates, which helps bring it to their attention. The best way to get their attention is if you interact with it and share directly from the 2hoursaweek original facebook post. Even better if you make it public.

This is YOUR petition, please help it grow.