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Call to Oppose Betsy DeVos!

The president-elect’s nomination for secretary of education, Betsy DeVos is a Michigan billionaire and heir to the Amway fortune. She has never attended nor sent her children to public school, and has no education experience. Despite having no background in education policy, she has spent years advocating for the use of public funds to pay for private school tuition in the form of vouchers, pressed to expand publicly funded but privately run charter schools, and tried to strip teacher unions of their influence.

Many public education advocates fear that she will defund public schools in her pursuit of a market-based privatized vision of education. She has no credentials in this field, only her immense wealth, which she has used to influence the conversation on education reform. Wealth should not buy a seat at the head of any policy-making table.

What you can do

1. CALL the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions (HELP)

2. CALL the individual senators that make up the committee, start with the senators from your state. Pass on to friends and family who live in these states - they need to hear from their constituents!

Republican committee senators:
Lamar Alexander - Tennessee 202-224-4944 Chairman of HELP
Susan Collins - Maine 202-224-2523
Considered a moderate Republican
Lisa Murkowski - Alaska 202-224-6665 anti-Trump in the past, but accepted money from DeVos
Tim Scott - South Carolina 202-224-6121
accepted money from DeVos
Bill Cassidy - Louisiana 202-224-5824 accepted money from DeVos
Orrin Hatch - Utah202-224-5251
Richard Burr - North Carolina 202-224-3154
accepted money from DeVos
Michael B. Enzi - Wyoming 202-224-3424
Johnny Isakson - Georgia 202-224-3643
Rand Paul - Kentucky 202-224-4343
Pat Roberts - Kansas202-224-4774

Democratic committee senators:
Patty Murray - Washington202-224-2621 *Ranking member of HELP
Bernie Sanders - Vermont 202-224-5141
Robert P. Casey Jr - Pennsylvania202-224-6324
Al Franken - Minnesota202-224-5641
Michael F. Bennet - Colorado202-224-5852
Sheldon Whitehouse - Rhode Island202-224-2921
Tammy Baldwin - Wisconsin202-224-5653
Elizabeth Warren - Massachusetts 202-224-4543
Christopher S. Murphy - Connecticut202-224-4041
Tim Kaine - Virginia 202-224-4024
Maggie Hassan - New Hampshire202-224-3324

3. CALL your own state senator if they are not already listed above, and tell them you oppose this nomination, and ask them what they will do to oppose it as well.

USE THIS SCRIPT (feel free to ad-lib, of course)
Hello, I am calling to register my strong opposition to Betsy DeVos as secretary of education. I want to let you know I am watching the confirmation hearings closely. Betsy DeVos has never worked in a school in any capacity. As a proponent of charter schools and voucher programs, she shows her lack of interest in supporting poorer communities, the ones with parents who work full-time and struggle to simply keep up. The president of the National Education Association has said that DeVos "“has done more to undermine public education than support students". As a firm believer in the American dream, I do not feel that the United States of America will be a country of equality, or be poised to be a globally competitive producer of strong, educated minds with Betsy DeVos' combined set of values and lack of experience. I would not feel proud to call her my secretary of education.