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Democrats in Name Only Right Here in NY State

Perhaps you've heard of the expression above but didn't expect it to happen in New York: yep, we have our very own group of 8 state senators who were elected as Democrats, but refuse to caucus with the other Democrats, handing majority control of the Senate to Republicans. They are known as the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC). Because of them, New York has been unable to pass truly progressive legislation such as a NY DREAM act, campaign finance reform, better reproductive choices, and single-payer health care, among many others.

Our friends over at the Creative Resistance have partnered with 4 anti-IDC groups to start an effective media campaign to finally vote these senators out in 2018. See below for how you can join the fight even if your state senator isn't in the IDC!

What you can do

1. WATCH this incredibly informative video on the IDC. Forward it on to your New York friends and family. Post it on social media!

2. SIGN UP to fight the IDC with the Creative Resistance and their coalition of anti-IDC groups.

3. DONATEto help get the video outto Democratic voters in IDC districts.


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