2 Hours A Week


Drive a Stake Through the Heart of ZOmBiE TrUMpCarE

This is still happening, unbelievably. The list of moderate Republicans who are flipping from "undecided" to "no" on the resuscitated Zombie Trumpcare bill is changing by the hour. This is the time to act, a vote could occur any day this week.

Public pressure in politics works, and it is working in the case of healthcare. No elected official wants to be pointed out as being on the wrong side of history, and when we show representatives that we’re shining the light of our attention on their actions, you can bet they will watch their step.

What you can do

1. CHECK TO SEE IF YOUR REPRESENTATIVE IS ON THE UNDECIDED LIST here. If they are on the undecided list, it is especially important that you call them. If you know someone who lives in the district they represent, forward this email to them.

2. CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVE, EVEN IF YOU HAVE CALLED THEM IN THE PAST, AND ESPECIALLY IF THEY ARE LISTED BELOW 866-426-2631. Please say your name, and where you live, so they know that you are a constituent. Tell your Representative to oppose passage of the revised Republican health care plan, because it allows states to opt out of ACA insurance requirements for essential health benefits and to charge much higher premiums for people with pre-existing conditions.