2 Hours A Week


Five minutes to preserve your healthcare

Someone wants a legislative win at all costs

The latest addition to the proposed tax code is to remove the individual mandate for healthcare. What would happen then? Healthy people would stop purchasing insurance, which causes premiums to go up—way up. A family of four will pay up to $2000 more per month.

Americans have already signaled to the current administration that they want to fix, not destroy, health care. And Republicans are now trying to fit this through the back door, in order to give corporations a tax break they claim will trickle down to the dwindling middle class.

The Senate is slated to vote on the tax code the week after Thanksgiving. Full schedule for the vote is here.

What you can do

1. CALL It will take 3 minutes of your time. Call every day this week. This is as important, if not more so, than the ACA repeal. Use the script below. Calling this number will allow you to be connected directly to your members of Congress by entering your location: Capitol Switchboard 202-224-3121. Want to know who your member of Congress is before you call? Enter your full address here.

USE THIS SCRIPT (feel free to ad-lib, of course)

I am calling to let _(insert member of Congress name here) know that I am horrified by the current proposed overhaul of the tax code. The inclusion of repealing the individual mandate for healthcare will gut our current system. The American public has asked via popular opinion to fix, not trash that legislation. I expect my representative to not only vote against the proposed tax code, but also ensure that I don't pay thousands more per year in healthcare to create a handout to international corporations. Thanks for your time.