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Flunking Healthcare: AHCA's CBO Score

The CBO analysis of the AHCA (Trumpcare) comes out this afternoon.
There is a lot of maneuvering happening to make this bill politically palatable and passable, none of which take into consideration the effects it will have on actual people, whose healthcare is at risk.

The House Republicans who voted for the AHCA (Trumpcare) bill on May 4th are so worried about the CBO [Congressional Budget Office] analysis of their bill that they've already announced a media blitz to coincide with the release of the report today. Speaker Ryan has taken the unusual step of holding onto the bill, rather than passing it onto the Senate, for fear of a bad CBO score.

Why should we pay attention to the CBO analysis?

The bill passed the House after dramatic changes were made to it. An earlier CBO score became obsolete, but no final score was ever issued.

It's possible the last minute additions to the AHCA mentioned above will end up costing more money than it saves.

Republicans are hoping to pass the AHCA in the Senate, where it will go next, under the budget reconciliation process, which would allow it to pass with only 51 votes–hence without any Democratic votes.

House Republicans plan to re-write the bill to meet needed reductions if it doesn't receive a good score, and then vote on it again!

In short, Republicans are, yet again, determined to score a party win at the expense of the American healthcare system.

What you can do

1. WATCH for the CBO report when it comes out this afternoon. It will not only tell us how much money the AHCA will save and/or cost but also how many Americans will lose their health coverage as a result. These are important numbers to know in our fight for healthcare.

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