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Got a Healthcare Story? Slow Down Trumpcare With It

Congress is in recess right now, which means Mitch McConnell is working hard to whip the necessary votes to pass Trumpcare.
This is a priority for the Senate majority before August recess.

Word on the street is that the earliest the next vote could take place is the week of July 17.

Indivisible is organizing folks to send their own senators as many amendments as possible to submit in the form of how Trumpcare would affect you, or how the ACA has helped you.
Because the Republicans are using reconciliation to jam this bill through, they have to allow an unlimited number of amendments, which all then need to be voted on on the Senate floor during a “vote-a-rama.”

The more our senators introduce, the longer we delay the final vote. The longer we delay the final vote, the more people find out that the Republicans are trying to take health insurance away from millions of people to cut taxes for the wealthy.

What you can do

1. SHARE YOUR STORY about how Trumpcare would impact you and your family here and they'll ask that your Senator include it as part of the Congressional Record. Be warned the site loads a little slowly.