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Gov. Cuomo: Don't Let My Taxes Go to Trump!

Ask Governor Cuomo to Suspend Financial Transfers to Washington Until the Threat to Sanctuary Cities is Removed and Donald Trump Releases His Tax Returns

The United States has a long history of tax strikes used as a device by the people to intervene when the government oversteps its power. From the Boston Tea Party to Henry David Thoreau, from the Suffragettes to today’s War Tax Resistors, one thing has been made clear: Money is power and "We the People" know where our power lies as the primary financial bread-winners of this nation. The citizens of this country contribute 80% of the annual federal budget through payment of federal income tax.

California is currently studying ways to suspend the transfer of the state’s taxes to Washington until the threat to sanctuary cities is removed. We are asking Governor Cuomo, who has been incredibly vocal in his promise to keep New York state a refuge to marginalized communities, to follow California's lead and make efforts to withhold funds from the federal government to protect its citizens.

Please print and sign this petition asking Governor Cuomo to withhold the State’s taxes from being transferred to Washington until the executive order to punish sanctuary cities is removed and Donald Trump releases his tax returns.

What you can do

1. PRINT AND SIGN this letter to Cuomo. You can also forward onto your friends and get as many signatures as you can on one letter to create a petition, or simply sign your own name and send it.

Mail to:
The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor of New York State
NYS State Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224

2. ATTEND our event on tax resistance. As part of the Educate + Act program, we will have an in-depth presentation on the history and how-to's tax resistance in our current day. This event takes place in NYC.

Thursday, March 9
: How to Use Our Money to Protest War, Violence & the Trump Agenda. INFO + RSVP here


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