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Have a Daring Discussion this Thanksgiving

Our friends at Women's March are encouraging folks this Thanksgiving to having Daring Discussions with your friends and families around the holiday table. Please read this note from them, and join us in making this holiday one for healing and growth as a nation, in addition to one of bonding and thanks.

What you can do

Dear Friend,

Women’s March has always believed in having Daring Discussions, loving conversations that push us to challenge bias within our own communities. And the best place to start is at home with our families.

The stakes are too high to remain silent in the face of bigotry and injustice. We know that engaging in these conversations with loved ones can be difficult—and that’s why we recommend you use a toolkit designed to help you have a Daring Discussion. Download the Toolkit here.

We need to have Daring Discussions about current injustices, but we also need to confront historical injustices—particularly those erased in the story of Thanksgiving. This doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy family traditions or festive meals. It does mean acknowledging the violence inflicted on indigenous peoples and recognizing that Thanksgiving is a Day of Mourning for many of our indigenous sisters, brothers and siblings.

This great video from MTV Decoded’s Franchesca Ramsey is the perfect resource—and conversation starter!—for learning the real history of Thanksgiving.

In community,
Women’s March