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Help for Texas

Some models suggest that Hurricane Harvey will linger over the Houston area until Wednesday night, dumping 50 inches of water in total.

From the National Weather Service: “Local rainfall amounts of 50 inches would exceed any previous Texas rainfall record. The breadth and intensity of this rainfall are beyond anything experienced before."

While this storm brings up a host of other questions that are political, the focus of the day and the weeks to come is rescue, and shelter for tens of thousands.

You can help.

What you can do

1. SHARE this live doc of local relief efforts with aid and shelter locations as well as contacts. If you are local and are able to host a family or participate in rescue or cleanup, do so. There will be need for weeks to come, keep checking the document.

2. FOLLOW @HarveyRelief on Twitter, which is a coordinated grassroots effort to connect communities and provide communication where federal agencies are slower to act. The feed provides volunteer and donation opportunities.