2 Hours A Week


2 Hours a Week is One Year Old!

Thank you!!!!!!!!
Exactly one year ago, three friends in Brooklyn sent out a call to their community to get together right after the 2016 election. Seventy people descended upon a living room, spilling into the hallway, and 2 Hours a Week was born.

You are now more than seven THOUSAND reading this email in over 2 dozen countries all over the world from Argentina to the Philippines.

We are so honored to have you, and for you to have us in your inboxes.

Thank you for reading, for reposting, for making calls, for learning about your civic surroundings, for sticking with us, for paying attention. We know it's not always easy. Your efforts have been incredible, and they are creating change. Every positive message you send to encourage others to be engaged is working. Sometimes it is two steps forward and one back, but we are moving forward.

We couldn't do this without you, and we are so glad you are in it with us.

Happy Anniversary to Us and to You <3

What you can do