2 Hours A Week


Join the Task Force for Georgia's Special Election

Early voting started yesterday in Georgia's special election to replace Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price's seat in the House of Representatives. While one more Democratic Representative won't be enough to tip the balance, one less Republican in the house can make a difference in this time of intra-party feuding.

The vote is April 18. The time to get out the vote is now.

What you can do

1. HELP get out the Democratic vote by signing up for the 6th District Task Force here. They'll be leading call banking for the next two weeks, which you can join while reclining upon your couch/beanbag/oversized house pet of choice.

2. VOTE early if you live in Georgia, and ask your friends to do the same. Find your polling place here.

3. DONATE a few bucks to Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff.