2 Hours A Week


Keeping up with the Bullshit: A News Brief

This first week is going to be hard. You will want to look away, but don't! Brace yourself, and keep watch over what's happening. Realizing that knowledge is power, and that we can't address every single thing that occurs in our actions, we're launching a periodic lineup of things that occurred so that we can all keep up and stay informed. Here's our first linked list of what we're paying attention to.
More actions coming soon.

What you can do
  1. At 12:01 on inauguration day, the following policy categories were erased from the whitehouse.gov website: climate change, LGBTQI rights, civil rights.

  2. The Trump administration banishes the Parks department from Twitter because of an unflattering public comparison by an employee between Trump's inaugural crowds and Obama's.

  3. Sean Spicer, Trump's press secretary, gives a press conference accusing the news media of misreporting crowd sizes at the inauguration. Kellyanne Conway follows up with the new term "alternative facts" aka lies.

  4. A team of scholars, Supreme Court litigators and former White House ethics lawyers intends to file a lawsuit Monday morning that President Trump is violating the Constitution by allowing his hotels and other business operations to accept payments from foreign governments.

  5. Trump signs three executive orders this morning slashing American aid to groups that provide or promote abortions overseas, withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership free-trade negotiations and put in place an immediate federal hiring freeze.

  6. Looks like someone caved under peer pressure. Marco Rubio says that he will vote for Tillerson for secretary of state in deference to the president, despite still having reservations. Time to call your friends in Florida.

  7. MoveOn.org launches ResistTrumpTuesdays, the first of which is January 24, to oppose Trump's #SwampCabinet. They're planning to visit members of Congress (MOC) offices every Tuesday for the next 100 days. The NY Rally is full for Tuesday (!), but if you live elsewhere, sign up here.