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Less Mulder, More Scully

For those not acquainted with the X-Files, today's email title simply means: exercise a healthy dose of skepticism. Especially when it comes to mainstream media and how they report and frame current events.

Last week's US strike on Syria elicited so many laudatory responses from major news outlets on the right and the left, that only the political satirists seemed to report on it with a clear head. As a recent video pointed out, satirists are much better equipped to cover this administration, because they have a very low tolerance for misinformation and deceit aka the b.s. Meanwhile major news outlets and traditional journalists feel obliged to take the administration's oft absurd statements and whims seriously.

While Thursday's strikes were glorified in mainstream media, it's a good time to ask: what did the strikes actually achieve? Did they change anything on the ground?

The answer is adecisive "No" but you won't find these answers on mainstream news coverage. Time to look elsewhere for critical news reporting and time to ask our representatives and senators about where they stand on military engagement, not just in Syria but everywhere that Trump has threatened over twitter. We do not want more war, and we will not praise any such actions towards it because as one acute satirist says, "we have a president who feeds off praise, and he just got a lot of it for bombing someone, and that should make everyone very, very worried."

What you can do

1. CALL your members of congress and senators now.
(844-6-RESIST) 844-673-7478
Tell them you are against further engagement in Syria and other countries that Trump has threatened. Congress must force consideration of an Authorization for Use of Military Force, and members of Congress should vote "no" and halt Trump's march toward war.

USE THIS SCRIPT ( we borrowed from MoveOn - feel free to ad-lib, of course)

Hi Rep/Sen. __
Let's be clear: There's no doubt that Bashar Assad is a brutal dictator who has slaughtered his own people and is complicit in the use of chemical weapons. But this is no humanitarian mission. These are missiles ordered by a flailing president with plummeting approval ratings, trying to show how "tough" he can be. The result will likely be increased suffering for the Syrian people. And this unilateral U.S. attack could possibly even draw in Russia and Iran, which have been close partners of the Assad regime. The U.S. cannot bomb its way to peace. Say no to further engagement in Syria, and other countries Trump has threatened and halt Trump's march towards war.