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Local Action For National Health Care

The zombie health care repeal bill appears to be dead - for the moment - but make no mistake, it will come back.

YOU are the reason it died, and YOU will be the ones to stop it again, and ensure millions get to keep our health coverage. Two reps came out against the repeal & replace bill last night and that was enough to kill it - it's local action focused on our own reps that turns the tide.

But Republicans in Congress aren't getting the message; they think it's too caring, not too cold - and they'll vote in the coming days on a repeal-only version that leaves even more of us without health insurance. This will gain supporters on the far right, so we have to activate again - NOW, during recess - to ensure our reps come out against this idea strongly and from the get-go.

What you can do

1. FIND A LOCAL ACTION HERE - There are over 60 actions planned in over and counting - if you have an event to add you can email them. *If you have trouble opening the live link we posted the events as of the time of this email here.

2. CALL, CALL CALL your own senators! 202-224-3121

Not sure what to say? It doesn't have to be fancy, stick with "I want to keep my health coverage, don't repeal the ACA" or "pass single payer, don't repeal Obamacare", they're really just checking boxes so you don't need to say much. But if you want to, here's some ideas:

For your Republican senators, the message is clear:

  1. Stop wasting time.
  2. Draft legislation to fix this year's emergency issues in insurance exchanges.
  3. Return to "regular business" as McCain put it - use public hearings and draft that bipartisan legislation with Democrats.

For your Democratic senators, the message is to aggressively obstruct and slow down all Senate business until the GOP permanently kills off their effort to write a health care bill with no Democratic input and pass it with no Democratic votes. Obstruct in the Committees and obstruct on the Senate floor.