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Local Tuesdays: CA, DC, GA, NY, WI

After considering reader feedback and our own current capacities, our Local Tuesday emails will go out nationally with a briefing of all actions in one email. We'll list the relevant states in the subject line so you can opt out of reading those not pertinent to you, or else keep up with these important stepping stones to national change even if they don't apply to your state; please send them to friends in affected states!

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What you can do


As we work to block Trump's agenda in congress, his agenda is already being implemented in many states. Find out where your state stands on different issues at www.ourstates.org, and how you can take action - you might be surprised!


VOTE TODAY, Tuesday April 4th in a Special Congressional Election in California's 34th district.

WHY SHOULD YOU VOTE? Special elections often have low voter turnout, so this is an opportunity to vote for a strong progressive voice in a predominantly blue district, which Bernie Sanders won during the presidential primary.

FIND your local polling place (central, east and northeast LA). This is the most populated and diverse district in the city. Does this includes your neighborhood.

READ about the 23 candidates here and here.

LEARN why 2HAW members are supporting Arturo Carmona, the leading progressive Democrat. Read a statement from our members here.


1. #NoRussiaProbeNoScotusRobe Rally, Thursday, April 6.

2. FIND OUR GIRLS. Because of grassroots activism, the media has finally begun to notice all of the girls of color who have been disappeared in what is likely child sex trafficking. It's not only in DC though, and it's not new. Here's more info to become informed and a list of organizations you can support.


Let's Win Back The House Starting with Georgia's Special Election!
The April 18th special election in Georgia's 6th congressional district is the Democrats first best chance to taking back the House! Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff is ahead in the polls and needs your help to ensure a win.

VOTE EARLY until April 14.

JOIN OUR FRIENDS CANVASSING IN GA. The most important thing for a special election is turnout, turnout, turnout. Our friends at Creative Resistance are arranging for housing for volunteers, you can help by joining the canvassing team, donating money for flights and car rentals, or donating your frequent flier miles.

JOIN Swing Left's GA-06 team to get working on the ground and help swing the House to the left starting with this election.

DONATE OR VOLUNTEER directly with Jon Ossoff.


The NY State budget still hasn't been passed, and we heard that Raise the Age is on the chopping block. NY is one of only 2 states that charges 16 & 17 year olds as adults. We need to raise the age of criminal responsibility to 18.

Governor Cuomo: 518-474-8390 (press 2, provide your zip code)
Speaker of the Assembly Carl Heastie: 718-654-6539 or 518-455-4812
Majority Leader Joseph Morelle: 585-467-0410 or 518-455-5373

NY State is now only ONE vote from passing it! We're already among the most progressive in health coverage. If we prove it works here, we can start knocking down the dominos toward single payer nationally.

CALL your State Senator. Ask their stance & push them to support single payer.

CALL Simcha Felder at (718) 253-2015 or (518) 455-2754, he's a Democrat who caucuses with the Republicans. Tell him to "Spread Simcha [sim-kah] (joy) with Single Payer Health Care" and remind him that "Tikkun Olam [Tick-koon Oh-lahm] also covers healing the sick, and making it easier for people to be healed falls directly under the core values and teachings of both Jewish religion and culture."

JOIN A STRATEGY MEETING with the Brooklyn Jewish Resistance to swing Simcha Felder. Sun, April 9th, 10am-noon.

JOIN the Campaign for NY Health. Upcoming events include actions today & 4/24

It’s been 47 years since NY updated its abortion law. If Roe v Wade is overturned, we won't be safe. Rally + Rise created an easy phone call campaign to reach out to one legislator a day to urge them to support the NY Reproductive Health Act.


VOTE YES TODAY, April 4th, to amend the Constitution and clarify that money is not the same as free speech and that only real people should have inalienable rights. With your vote, these communities will join with 97 others...

  • Racine [Racine] - Town of Caledonia [Waupaca] - Monona [Dane]
  • Town of Blue Mounds [Dane] - Town of Crystal Lake [Marquette]
  • Town of Jordan [Green] - Town of Neshkoro [Marquette]
  • Village of Blue Mounds [Dane] - Village of Fox Crossing [Winnebago]

SUPPORT & JOIN Wisconsin United to Amend & read their action plan.