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Thank you for your action submissions, please continue to help create our Local Tuesday emails us by submitting local actions weekly for your town, city, state, region or community by Monday at noon. Let us be your loudspeaker and help you make change in your community! Thank you!

What you can do

How can we take back the House if we can't vote? We have 15 days left to pass progressive NY voting laws in time to affect the 2018 elections, and we're making progress!

Join us in Albany on June 13 to Rally For Voting Rights, a statewide coalition day of action including a rally, an obstacle (to voting) course, lobby visits and creative actions.
• Register for a bus from NYC or Westchester
• Register for a carpool
Meet us there
Contact us
Can't make it in person?
• Spread the word and invite friends!
• Make calls or write letters from home, take action now, catch up on our daily actions to date, and share our memes and toolkits,

This project is sponsored by 2 Hours A Week and we would love to have you involved.


HELP JON OSSOFF! Our friends at the DCCC are arranging a bus June 15-21 from the DC area to get out the vote in Georgia for Jon Ossoff. Hotels, housing and meals will be provided, and you can help change history. If you want to be involved, please write us at twohoursaweek@gmail.com and we'll put you in touch.

NOT IN DC? The campaign will pay to rent a 9-11 passenger van (and gas costs) if you know people interested in coming from other locations!


Support the Safe Communities Act

Help support a bill in the Massachusetts state legislature (S1305, H3269) that would protect the civil rights of all residents and push back against Trump's aggressive anti-immigrant agenda. The Safe Communities Act(SCA) ensures state, local, and campus police don’t participate in immigration enforcement activities, local officers aren’t deputized as immigration agents in collaboration with Homeland Security, no state support for a Muslim registry, and basic Due Process Rights for people detained in state and local facilities for civil violations. This bill is coming before committee on June 9 so now's the perfect time to call!

  1. Sign the MoveOn.org petition

  2. Figure out if your State Senator or Representative has co-sponsored the SCA. If they ARE a co-sponsor, ask them to 1) submit testimony to the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security in support of the SCA and 2) tell Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo that the SCA is important to their constituents. If they ARE NOT a co-sponsor, then ask them to consider it.

  3. Show up on Beacon Hill for the hearing on June 9. Facebook event here.


Get more involved in local actions in Georgia at www.actionga.com, a website of daily, weekly, and monthly actions that includes daily call scripts, weekly writing campaigns, and a calendar of events that cover the entire state of Georgia.

Don't forget to make calls andGOTV for Jon Ossoff!


Turnout will make the difference in these surprisingly competitive races that could flip seats in Congress, so pitch in by phone banking, donating, volunteering and spreading the word.

CA - Vote.
GA - Democrat Jon Ossoff nearly pulled an upset, coming in first in a very red district. Now he advances to the runoff, where the vote will be tighter.
SC - Another surprisingly competitive race in a red district can help flip the balance of power.
VA - Join the Flippable #flipVAblue campaign to elect Democrats to Virginia’s House of Delegates.