2 Hours A Week


Local Tuesdays: Election Day (NYC instructions below)

Whatever You Do Today, Vote!

40% of America is eligible to vote today in local elections. Find out if your city is having elections here.

Why does voting in local elections matter? Local government actually has an enormous impact on your day-to-day life, on things ranging from the cleanliness of your water to the school system you send your kids to. Read more here here and here.


Haven't been keeping up and uncertain whom to vote for? You can look up your favorite nonprofits' endorsement here, compiled by the Gotham Gazette, and vote according to their recommendations.

Here are a few more points to remember:

Polls open at 6am, and stay open until 9pm. You're allowed 2 hours to vote if you can't vote outside of work hours. If you are in line by 9pm, you are allowed to stay until you vote.

Don't forget, you must vote at the poll site that corresponds to your registered address. Find it here. PROVISIONAL BALLOTS ARE NOT COUNTED in NYC elections. Vote in your designated polling place.

What you can do


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