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Local Tuesdays: Vote in Your Municipal Elections!

Today, September 12 is voting day in New York!

The primary election often determines who takes office and can be more important than a general election—yet only 8% of eligible voters cast ballots in last year's state and local primaries.

Get out and vote--and forward this email to your friends!

What you can do

1. SEE your sample ballot & find your polling place here. Double check that your polling place hasn't changed by also looking here by address.
2. LEARN about who's running for office.
3. CHECK THIS LIST of endorsements and find out if they matter.
4. READ UP more on the races here, here and here.
5. STILL UNSURE? Ask friends you trust. Look around your social networks for recommendations. Here is one lineup by a former Obama canvasser. The Brooklyn Boro defenders have released a scorecard of the candidates for DA.