2 Hours A Week


March for Science, March for Facts

Why are people marching in April 22nd's March for Science? (that's tomorrow, by the way).

Here are a few reasons:

Mike Pence doesn't believe in evolution. Yup.
Fact-based research leads us to a greater understanding of our world, the way it works, and the effect we have upon it. This administration doesn't care for facts.

The words climate change have been removed from the White House website.

Research science is diverse because diversity in background promotes diversity in thinking. A stand needs to be taken against this administration's anti-immigrant, anti-diversity policy that will, among many other things, cripple the research capacity of our country and alienate us from important international collaboration to address the great global problems our age faces.

The list goes on. Join us tomorrow.

What you can do

1. FIND AND ATTEND YOUR MARCH by searching for a location here.

2. TWEET REPUBLICANS WHO HAVE CREATED THE REPUBLICAN CLIMATE RESOLUTION to thank and encourage them to stand on the side of science. Positive reinforcement is important and we need more moderates. Find the Twitter handles of the listed Reps here.

3. KEEP TRACK OF THIS ADMINISTRATION'S EFFECTS ON THE ENVIRONMENT. Here is a good lineup. Consider donating to a research institution or an independent journal that promotes fact-based research.

4. CELEBRATE SCIENCE with your leftover Easter candy and your microwave by finding the speed of light with Peeps.