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Net Neutrality Day of Action - July 12th !

Back in May we told you about the FCC vote to start repealing the net neutrality rules put in place in 2015.

This coming Wednesday, July 12th, is a huge day of action in support of net neutrality and a day to show FCC chairman Ajit Pai, that we will not let him turn the internet into a "pay to play" marketplace. Join thousands of internet users, and websites, apps, and search engines to make this a big day of protest.

Here's a little refresher on why net neutrality and an open internet is important: Net neutrality means there is an even playing field. The rules prohibit future “paid prioritization” deals in which content providers pay to have their traffic delivered to consumers ahead of competitors and bans intentional slowing down of internet traffic. If the FCC has its way though, big cable companies will control what we see and have access to online. You can read up on all the other reasons to support these net neutrality rules here.

What you can do

1. JOIN the protest here. They will send you action details once you sign up. You can also scroll through the great actions and images to use already up on their site.

2. TWEET BRIGADE! Opt-in to tweet at key moments, change your profile pics and spread the word to all your followers using these resources.

3. POST AN ALERT if you have a website, join other sites in protest by displaying a prominent alert on your homepage that shows the world what the web will look like without net neutrality. Details here (scroll down to SITES), code here.