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New York has it's very own pipeline: Spectra

New York has it's very own fracked gas pipeline you've probably never heard of, but that likely already feeds to your kitchen. The Spectra Pipeline, also known as the Spectra Algonquin Incremental Market [AIM] pipeline is an approximately three-foot wide, high-pressure shale gas pipeline carrying fracked natural gas running from Pennsylvania up to Canada. This gas is both for export and for distribution to NY through National Grid and Con Ed.

The first section is already operational, and enters Manhattan in the West Village. This fracked gas is already known to carry radon. Besides the environmental realities of fracked gas and the already-confirmed presence of radon, there is another threat with this pipeline: further upstate, it sits 105 feet from the edge of aging Indian Point Power Plant, which uses some of the most outdated technology available for cooling spent fuel rods.

The second of three phases of construction is set to begin, pending certain permissions. The next window of time in which to act against the Spectra Pipeline is now. While the pipeline is regulated at the federal level, they need the approval of the state, specifically Governor Andrew Cuomo, for water quality permits in order to proceed. Today's action focuses on education about the pipeline so we can prepare to act starting in the next few weeks.

What you can do

1. Read up on the history of the pipeline and understand the risks it presents to you. You probably haven't heard of it because its parent company broke the construction of the pipeline into three sections in order to garner less media attention. Here is an article (also cited above) about the health risks of the radon already coming through New York City. Here is an article about the history of the pipeline's construction. This is a condensed list of the many concerns about the pipeline. Understand how we got here: the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which oversees this and other large cross-state pipelines, is comprise of oil and gas executives: Trump's pick for the head of FERC used to be CEO of National Grid.

We'll be back soon with concrete actions to take on Spectra.