2 Hours A Week


No Money in the Bank

Well, Trump's $308.5 million dollar weekends have finally caught up with him and us taxpayers. Several months ago we did two actions about the exorbitant cost of Trump's excessive vacationing. That $308.5 million is 25 times more than the average $12 million the Obamas spent in one year. It's also three times more, in a single year, than the $97 million the Obamas spent in EIGHT YEARS! This is outrageous.

It's no surprise to us that Trump has completely blown the budget for the money allotted to cover the cost of protecting him and his family. Meanwhile, he continues to slash programs and resources for the public. A man that can't even stay within his travel budget doesn't seem very likely to make sound budget decisions for the entire country. (Keep this in mind as Congress returns from recess and we move into budget season!)

We're being ripped off before our very eyes while Congress shrugs their shoulders. This is OUR tax money - and he's blowing it. We have to put a stop to this.

What you can do

1. CALL your Senators and Representatives at 202-224-3121 and urge them to call the President out on his excessive spending and oppose any additional allocation of funds for Secret Service detail!

USE THIS SCRIPT (feel free to ad-lib, of course)

I'm calling to ask that Senator/Representative ___ call the President out on wasting tax payer money to go play golf and subsidize his family’s business travel!

It is unacceptable that Trump has blown his Secret Service budget.

If he continues at this pace, Trump will spend an estimated 25 times more than what Obama spent in a year and three times more than what Obama spent in eight years!

I urge the Senator/Representative NOT to approve any more funding for Trump's security detail; he must learn to stay in budget even if that means cutting back trips or cover the cost personally outside of any funds already allotted.