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No Tax Returns, No Tax Reform

Well well well, another domestic policy under this administration withering on the vine. You have yourselves to thank for this development, and we thank you for it too.

While Press Secretary Sean Spicer yet again sputtered vagaries about DJT's taxes, incorrectly citing audits as reasoning for his refusal to release recent returns, Democrats and the American public are drawing lines in the sand and throwing barriers up when it comes to the proposed tax overhaul. Now an increasing number of Republican lawmakers are joining in the call for DJT's tax releases.

And with good reason. Why should the American public feel good about tax reform coming from someone who considers himself above the tax law and whose big business agenda has been made clear?

Your actions are working. Our representatives are listening.

What you can do

1. UNDERSTAND THE PROPOSED TAX REFORM The NYT has some bulletpoints here, and the Resistance Manual's more in depth highlights are here.

2. SPEAK OUT ABOUT TAX CUTS FOR THE RICH Call your Senator and US Representative by dialing 844-6-RESIST; tell them to vote against proposed actions that cut taxes for the highest earners