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Now Is Exactly the Time to Talk about Gun Control

The White House wants to avoid this conversation in the aftermath of the horrifying and worst mass shooting yet in our country.

Simply put: semiautomatic weapons, which can be modified to act as banned automatics using legal products like bump stocks—are weapons of mass destruction. Why are we surprised when someone, including the Vegas shooter, uses one as such?

No matter your position on owning guns, we think you can agree with us on this: no one needs guns that can shoot 800 rounds per minute.

Asking for gun regulation is not politicizing a tragedy. It is tragedy prevention. It is a logical, caring, and human response. It's hard to see how anyone could see it differently. "Thoughts and prayers" aren't going to do a single thing in this situation, or prevent the next one.

There is an immediate way you can let your legislators know what you think of the role government plays in this type of regulation. The House was set to vote this week on a new gun bill that makes silencers available for purchase by anyone, meaning in some states those without background checks. . Noise is what alerts people to a shooting--the noise of gun shots saves lives. Of course, the "bad optics" of this week means House Republicans have taken that bill off the floor.

Let them know you noticed and you refuse to let them make legislative handouts to the gun lobby, and that you expect something to be done about the current lax state of gun regulation in this country. We'll write more as more action surfaces in opposition to weapons of mass destruction.

What you can do

1. CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVE 202-224-3121 and tell them you are paying attention to the vote on silencers, as well as future action on bump stocks, as per the script below.

2. FORWARD THIS EMAIL to gun owners you may know. Truth is, most of us don't care about your hunting gun, we just don't want to get shot with an automatic rifle.

Use this script (feel free to ad-lib, of course, or modify per your position on gun ownership)

I am calling to let you know that I am closely watching the bill about gun silencers, even though it was taken off the House floor this week. I also expect you to introduce legislation that addresses the use of products that can convert semiautomatic weapons into fully automatic ones, just like the Vegas shooter used. I understand these capabilities are considered "fun" by some, but these weapons of mass destruction have no place among humans, and until we can guarantee that they never fall into the right hands, which is impossible, they should be banned. Responsible gun ownership is possible, I expect you to act accordingly to create guidelines to regulate that.