2 Hours A Week


Nuclear is Not an Option

No one is blameless in this game of changing the rules. The biggest difference this time around is that the person doing the nominating is a proven liar with no particular allegiance to facts, withzero policy experience, who may well be in collusion with our country's stated enemy. Harry Reid had years of obstruction before invoking the nuclear option; Mitch McConnell is pulling that trigger as soon as possible in this administration.

What you can do

1. (10 minutes) Tweet all Republican Senators: Say this #NoNukes, put your country before your party and don't destroy the Senate.
You can find a full list of Republican twitter handles here.

2. (15 minutes) Call your Senator if they are Republican (844-6-RESIST) 844-673-7478. Tell them you oppose the nuclear option. You can use the script below.

USE THIS SCRIPT (feel free to ad-lib, of course)

Republicans should look to the long term, put country before party, and refuse to invoke the nuclear option because it will not only destroy the Senate's historic comity, but also indelibly stain the Supreme Court.