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Open Shelters in South Miami Dade

We have an urgent and quick action this morning ahead of Hurricane Irma's path to south Florida (it's expected to hit there early Saturday morning).

Local organizers in Miami have said that there are no hurricane shelters to service the south Miami Dade community (including Perrine, Cutler Bay, Homestead, Florida City, Leisure City, Goulds, Naranja, Richmond Heights, and West Perrine among other rural areas). These areas are historically the most vulnerable to hurricanes, economically challenged, and underserved. Most of the current evacuation shelters open are located in central and north parts of the county.

They need us to call Gov Rick Scott and Commissioner Moss to reopen the shelters immediately. See details below!

What you can do

Commissioner Dennis Moss
Email: DennisMoss@miamidade.gov
Twitter: @DennisCMoss

Governor Rick Scott
Twitter: @FLGovScott

Use this script - Request this specifically:

The shelter list does not include any open shelters in the south Miami Dade. Shelters are available are up north and service some of the richest neighborhoods in Miami. This is dangerous. We demand Miami Southridge reopen as a shelter to service the following area: Goulds, Naranja, West Perrine, and Richmond Heights. Demand South Dade Senior High school open as a shelter to service the following areas: Florida City, Homestead, Lesiure City, and Naranja.