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Oppose Jeff Sessions for Attorney General

President-elect Donald Trump has nominated Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions for his Attorney General. Sessions was previously rejected for a federal judgeship by a Republican Senate because of disturbing allegations of racism. He believes that the Voting Rights Act is intrusive legislation, allegedly claimed that he wished he could decline all civil rights cases, openly opposes birthright citizenship, and consistently opposes pro-LGBTQ legislation.

The Judiciary Committee’s Democrats have asked for a four day hearing and the calling of multiple witnesses, but Republican Committee Chair Chuck Grassley has declined and limited the hearing to two days with only 4 witnesses from the Democratic side. On top of this, Sessions has submitted remarkably incomplete answers to the Committee’s questionnaire and also will not recuse himself from voting for himself.

What you can do

1. CALL the heads and ranking members of the Judiciary Committee. If one of these senators is from your state, make sure to provide your zipcode during the call. If you have friends and family from the states of any of these Republican senators, please ask them to call as well.

Here's a breakdown of asks to important committee senators:

Chuck Grassley - Republican Senator of Iowa, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee
202-224-3744 / 515-288-1145
We need to stress that Sessions and his background of intolerance and bigotry is un-American. Sessions’ cavalier attitude towards the confirmation process shows that he thinks he doesn’t have to play by the same rules. He must submit the missing records for 20 years of work as Alabama US attorney , attorney general, and senator before the hearing takes place. Sessions himself has put up a fight against Obama nominations when they were not comprehensive in their questionnaires. He is subject to the same rules.

Lindsey Graham - Republican Senator of South Carolina
202-224-5972 / 803-933-0112
Because Graham is considered somewhat moderate and bi-partisan these days, he is a good one to appeal to on basis of his dislike of Trump and his willingness to work with Democrats. His state also has a large African American constituency, whose vote would be assuredly undermined under Sessions. Stress Sessions past history of racially motivated litigation.

Patrick Leahy - Democratic Senator of Vermont, Ranking Member of the Judiciary Committee
202-224-4242 / 802-863-2525

Dianne Feinstein - Democratic Senator of California
202-224-3841 / 415-393-0707 / 310-914-7300

Chuck Schumer- Democratic Senator of New York
202-224-6542 / 212-486-4430 / 518-431-4070

2. CALL We need to press all Judiciary Committee Democrats to make this a tough non-conciliatory hearing on Sessions. Their constituents are comprised of diverse racial backgrounds, many of whom would be directly targeted and undermined by Sessions and his policies. If the nomination goes to the senate floor for a vote, they must put a hold on the nomination and delay the vote. States with Democratic representation in the committee: CA, CT, DE, IL, MN, NY, RI.

3. CALL If your Republican Senator in on the committee, put pressure on them to hold Sessions accountable to a full review and confirmation process at the very least (and vote against him at the most!). States with Republican representation in the committee: AL, AZ, GA, LA, NC, SC, TX, UT.

SCRIPT - please add relevant material from above depending on who you are calling (feel free to ad-lib, of course)
Hello, I am calling to express my opposition to the appointment of Jeff Sessions for attorney general. I believe his bigotry, record of intolerance, and racially motivated litigation to be unAmerican and unacceptable for the role of top law enforcement official in our country. In addition, his omission of decades of records shows his utter disrespect for the process of his confirmation. He must play by the same rules as all past nominations and be subjected to a full review of his record.

If calling a Democratic senator, add:
Please fight against this nomination and make sure that Jeff Sessions entire record is fully reviewed in the hearing. This is no time to be conciliatory. Your constituents are counting on you to serve them well and not confirm a man whose policies will directly harm them and their families.

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