2 Hours A Week


Pledge of Liberation

We know how you're feeling after yesterday's news. We're feeling it too, and we're ready to take a stand.

We just joined Women's March in adding our name to the Pledge of Liberation. As a united voice, we declare our commitment to fighting together for the liberation of all people.

We will no longer allow our issues to be treated as if they're in competition, rather than integral to one another. We reaffirm our commitment to each other, and we ask our members of Congress to remember their own pledges to their communities and constituents.

Together, activists around the country from every movement sector will unite on May 8 and will take our resistance directly to our members of Congress - join us at demonstrations and actions at in-district congressional offices and the offices of other elected officials.

What you can do

1. SIGN the Pledge of Liberation today.

2. JOIN the Thunderclap. Register online today and your voice will be heard across social media platforms in unison with others Monday morning.

3. FIND a demonstration near you this Monday, May 8, or register your own.

4. DOWNLOAD the Day of Action Toolkit, which also includes information about non-violent civil disobedience if you want to take a stronger stand.

5. READ more.