2 Hours A Week



This week holds positive meaning for us as activists: it's a week to connect and create bonds, make promises, inspire each other, and be heard. This is Not Normal. We are the majority. We Are All Immigrants. Women's Rights Are Human Rights. We Are Watching. We Will Act.

Please join in events and activities this week, and if you know of any we've missed, please submit them to our Action Calendar (below).

What you can do
  1. USE OUR CALENDAR to find events this week and every week. And as always, please share events through our submission form.

  2. DISRUPT J20 all week long, and use this list, this guide, and this resource to find dozens of nation-wide inauguration week protests.

    • March in DC
    • March in one of the 386 (and counting) sister marches around the globe
    • Fill out their questionnaire to help them plan logistics
    • Find a bus to DC or email us if you want one on our friends' buses
    Donate to help pay for permits etc
    • Read their Unity Principles
    • Make signs or print these ones (but no wooden handles allowed)
    • Share this book by Zoe Leonard or submit a video from the marches for this documentary.
    • READ THIS very helpful guide for the March from a seasoned activist, what to bring, and what not to bring (ex: no backpacks) and how to stay safe.

  4. DOWNLOAD THE MOBILE JUSTICE APP from the ACLU to instantly record any civil rights violations, and KNOW YOUR RIGHTS.

  5. BOYCOTT COMMERCE on January 20 & JOIN THE WOMEN STRIKE on January 20 & 21. PLEDGE TO STRIKE in DC / in your home town / at school / for all or part of the time / from all or some of your work / WE STRIKE FROM Paid jobs / Emotional Labor / Childcare / Diapers / Housework / Cooking / Sweeping / Laundry / Dishes / Errands / Groceries / Fake smiles / Flirting / Makeup / Laundry / Shaving / What are you striking from? / WE STRIKE FOR An end to racist and sexual assaults, and all forms of bigotry / Reproductive freedom, full access, and no coercion / National Health Care for all / A $15 minimum wage for all workers, no exceptions / Protection and expansion of Social Security / Childcare, free like the public schools, and paid family leave / R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Senate will continue to steamroll disgusting policies through in the middle of the night, too many for us to email about, so keep an eye on our Facebook Page for Bonus Actions.