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Read Below the Fold, part 2

We've been paying close attention to headline issues like health care, DACA, taxes, and civil rights to name a few and these issues warrant the attention we give them. But our challenge is that there is much more destructive policy-making going on behind the scenes with Trump's newly adopted conservative agenda. How do we stay on top of it?

We have to read below the fold, pay attention to those news stories that don't make headlines but still have a huge impact on the public. While Trump has been tweeting policy about health care, DACA, taxes and even waging war, he and his staff have also been taking calls and having meetings with fringe social conservative groups that are trying and succeeding in translating their far right conservative agenda into policy that affects us all.

This is a reminder to take a second look at the smaller stories and pay attention to what Trump and his lackey's aren't talking about just as much as what they are talking about. Below is a start.

What you can do

1. Read this news article on how Trump is ushering in a new era of social conservatism and rolling back progress in the areas of LGBTQ and women's rights and gun control.

2. Consider donating time and/or funds to non-profits in these areas.