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Really Easy Scripts for Dems AND Republican members of Congress

Call every day now through Nov 20th!!! Five minutes on your way to work. Skip to the end for scripts

Taxes are moving through Congress right now. The Senate released their version yesterday. The final vote is scheduled for Nov 20.

Please call each day between now and Nov 20 to call to oppose the tax bill. We've heard from congressional staffers that they are getting less calls than on health care.

We get it. Taxes are extremely confusing. We will try our best to keep you apprised of the latest info and will write more Monday; for now, know that both the Senate and House proposals are handout after handout to the rich. The Senate plan simply delays cutting corporate taxes by a year. If you are middle class, whether or not you get a break depends on where you live.

The middle class is now a minority. Any plan should be boosting that segment of the American population, unconditionally.

Congress WILL use “reconciliation” to pass this tax reform, meaning they don't need a majority; pretty much the only thing holding them back is public opinion, which has pressured the Senate into a modified plan they released yesterday, though hardly an acceptable one. We know that public opinion is working; this is the time to call.

What you can do
  1. CALL your member of Congress this week and next.
    Capitol Switchboard 202-224-3121

Republican Rep? Use these scripts here from Indivisible. Add your own alternative for economic growth and ask why that isn't in the tax bill. For instance, Senator Elizabeth Warren suggested forgiving student loan debt.

Democratic Rep? Use these scripts, from Indivisible. As far as adding your own spin, we recommend checking up on how much your members of Congress and your news outlets are talking about this issue on social media.