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Recovery is Not Equal - Environmental Justice

"The hurricanes don't discriminate" has been a popular takeaway in the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. But recovery can be discriminatory. The aftermath of a disaster replicates our social inequalities. Once relief funding is on it's way to devastated areas, decisions will be made as to which areas get priority. Natural disaster recovery is disproportionately harder for poor and vulnerable communities both immediately and down the road.

In the aftermath of these 2 devastating hurricanes, it's time to make sure that we support the organizations that are making sure that a just recovery comes to all of those affected. Just because it's not in the headlines this week doesn't mean it's not important - this will be a long road to recovery for than many thousands of people affected.

What you can do

A Just Harvey Recovery has put together a great list of local organizations doing recovery work. Check out their site and #AJustHarveyRecovery for up to date info on where relief work is needed.
Here is a list of local organizations working on a just recovery for Hurricane Irma.