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Fighting the War of Attrition on Healthcare One Person at a Time

Sign up and help spread the word about signing up for healthcare

Healthcare is still standing—for now.

HOWEVER: The Republican administration is doing everything in its power to let it fail, starting with an executive order by Trump and continuing with cutting the open enrollment period by half and reducing advertising that lets people know that it's happening. They're counting on millions less signing up, meaning some insurers would pull out of the marketplace and premiums in some states could skyrocket.

It is essential to the improvement of policies and the ultimate lowering of costs that as many as possible sign up for plans.

Open enrollment starts today, November 1 and ends December 15.

What you can do
  1. SIGN UP or change your current policy if you need to do that. Need help signing up? Go here to find someone to assist you.

  2. HELP GET THE WORD OUT IN YOUR COMMUNITY! If you already have healthcare, or have already signed up, you can help prevent premiums from going up by helping to get the word out in your own community and encouraging others to sign up.

Forward this email

Volunteer for an open enrollment street team

Use your daily interactions in your own community to remind people about the open enrollment period and its shorter duration this year.